Board of Trustees

The SDC Board of Trustees (as of 19 May 2017) comprises:

  • Geoffrey Rudkin (Chair) CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2020)
  • Derek Heywood  (Vice-chair) CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2018)
  • Debbie Bamford (Retires by rotation AGM 2020)
  • Paul Hamilton CCol ASDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2019)
  • Trevor Lambourne (Retires by rotation AGM 2020)
  • Ian John Lewis (Retires by rotation AGM 2020)
  • John Morris CCol ASDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2018)
  • Spike Ngai CCol ASDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2019)
  • Anjani Prasad CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2019)

In addition, the Board of Trustee meetings are normally attended also by:

  • Philip Kwok Wing Yeung (SDC President) CCol FSDC (Non-voting role)
  • Sue Bolton (SDC Honorary Secretary) CCol FSDC (Non-voting role)
  • John Hansford (SDC Honorary Treasurer) CCol FSDC (Non-voting role)
  • Dr Graham Clayton (SDC CEO) (Non-voting role)
  • Trevor Larkins (SDC Immediate Past President) CCol FSDC (Non-voting role)
  • Dr Stephen Westland (President-elect) CCol FSDC (Non-voting role)
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