The Society’s Diplomas, Medals and Awards

Fellowship is awarded to those members who have demonstrated their distinction in the knowledge or practice of colour science or colour technology.  It signifies that the recipient has made a substantial contribution to the industry or academia.

Associateship (which is an honours degree equivalent qualification) is awarded to those members who have demonstrated experience within a colour-related occupation and have achieved a specified level of academic attainment, either by passing the Society’s prescribed examinations or by holding an approved qualification.

Licentiateship is awarded to those members who have demonstrated to the Society that they have appropriate professional experience in colour science or colour technology, either by passing the Society’s prescribed Society examinations or by holding an appropriate qualification.

Honorary Membership is awarded by the President to individuals for ‘outstanding services to the Society in its higher Councils’.

Honorary Fellowship is awarded to individuals considered to be outstanding professionals in the field of industry, science, technology, general scholarship or education.

The Society’s Medals, which are conferred at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels, are awarded either in recognition of exceptional service to the Society, or in the interest of the tinctorial and allied industries, or both.  Service to the Society may include an outstanding single contribution to the work of the Society related to a particular project, or devoted service over many years on headquarters-based and/or regional committees.  Service to the industry (which includes academia) recognises an outstanding single contribution to the tinctorial or allied industries, or prolonged valuable contribution to the industry, which may be of a technological or educational nature.

The SDC Centenary Medal is awarded to the author(s) of the most significant paper of an educational, management or review nature published by the Society each year.

The following awards are discretionary and are awarded from time to time:

The President’s Diploma of Honour is awarded to the Associateship examinee attaining the highest aggregate mark in the ASDC examinations in his/her final year.

The Turner-Scholefield Award was instituted under the will of the late H A Turner (a former vice-president of the Society) in memory of Frederick Scholefield (a past president).  The award of £500.00 is given to a member of the Society with no more than ten years of relevant experience since first obtaining a Society qualification (LSDC or ASDC) deemed by the Society to have made notable and meritorious contributions to the science and technology of colouring matters and their application.

The Perkin Medal is awarded for discoveries or other work of outstanding importance in relation to the tinctorial and allied industries.  It is the most prestigious medal and is awarded only in exceptional circumstances.

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