SDC Audit Committee

The SDC Audit Committee comprises:

  • Susan Bolton CCol FSDC (SDC Honorary Secretary & Chair)
  • John Hansford CCol FSDC (SDC Honorary Treasurer)
  • Trevor Larkins CCol FSDC (SDC President)
  • Derek McKelvey Hon FSDC (SDC Immediate Past President)

The Following are SDC Voting Member elected representatives:

  • Peter Duffield CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2017)
  • Ron Fagan (Retires by rotation AGM 2018)
  • Paul Santokhi  CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2018)

The Audit Committee welcome feedback about the SDC and any correspondence should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary via the SDC’s Perkin House address or via

The Honorary Secretary is also the contact point for any complaints against any member, as per SDC Rule 35.

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