SDC Medals Committee

The SDC Medals Committee shall be composed of all the members of the Audit and Nominations Committees combined:

  • Stuart Wilkinson CCol FSDC – Honorary Secretary & Chair
  • John Hansford CCol FSDC – Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr. Stephen Westland CCol FSDC – SDC President
  • Geoffrey Rudkin CCol FSDC – SDC Board of Trustees Chair

As well as the elected voting members:

  • David Barton CCol ASDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2020)
  • Dr Vien Cheung CCol ASDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2021)
  • Paul Santokhi  CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2021)
  • Nilkanth Desai (Retires by rotation AGM 2021)
  • Peter Duffield CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2021)
  • Sivarama C.N. (Retires by rotation AGM 2019)
  • Roger Wardman CCol FSDC (Retires by rotation AGM 2019)
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