Further Education and Higher Education

The Colour Experience is uniquely placed to help your FE & HE students in their studies.  Our enthusiastic specialised education team can provide insightful presentations and workshops on a wide range of topics and themes relating to the science and technology of colour.

Presentations include:

Can you believe your eyes? – using visual illusions we explore the difference between vision and perception. Looking at a range of optical effects, this presentation is a must see for anyone using colour in designs.

Seeing Colour – an introduction to the physics, biology and evolution of colour vision, an explanation of colour blindness and an interactive colour vision test for participants.

Understanding Colour – a close look at the role colour plays in our lives. Colour theory, colour language and colour communication are all covered in this fascinating presentation.

Colour and sustainability – we all love to surround ourselves with colour, but just what impact do our fashion choices have on our environment. This thought-provoking presentation may not have all the answers, but it’ll certainly start your students asking the questions. Please contact us to discuss your students’ requirements.


Here at the colour experience we offer a vibrant programme of continuing professional development opportunities for both Teaching Practitioners and Initial Teacher Training groups. In which we explore ways of using informal environments to extend and enhance your delivery of the curriculum and your enrichment programmes. Providing opportunities for interactive activities in our laboratory and gallery, with content specifically designed to meet your group’s needs, discover exciting and creative ideas to enthuse STEM students both in and outside the classroom.

An INSET will usually consist of:

  • Opportunities for new teachers to share and discuss valuable skills and ideas.
  • Opportunities for practical workshops including a range of STEM activities.
  • Gain skills and confidence in developing and delivering out-of-school learning.
  • Interactive presentations introducing the colour experience, educational resources and activities.
  • Time to experiment in our colour laboratory to help participants develop their learning.

In addition each participant will receive a goody bag of useful teaching resources. Each INSET or CPD is tailor made so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also offer opportunities for Settings Other Than Schools placements and volunteer opportunities.  Please contact us for more details.

T: 01274 725138 or E: colour-experience.org.uk

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