Metameric Samples

This simple yet effective tool is used globally by the textile industry to demonstrate ‘illuminant metamerism’.  This is when two colours appear the same when viewed in one set of lighting conditions but, when viewed under different light, they appear to be quite different.   Containing four cotton fabric samples, each one coloured with carefully selected dyes, this tool can be used to demonstrate illuminant metamerism using daylight alone.  However, it can also be used with a light cabinet, under fluorescent lights or tungsten lighting.

metameric samples A helpful resource when studying product design, textiles and STEM topics.

This resource is provided in a lignin-free envelope to prevent yellowing of fabrics which can affect the effectiveness of the samples.

Cost £15.00 + VAT

Delivery dependent on geographic location  + VAT

Payment methods: Invoice, credit card or cheques.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘the society of dyers and colourists’

To order please contact the Colour Experience team E: or T: 01274 725138 (option 3).

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