Online Resources for Teachers and Group Leaders

The resources on this page have been created to provide short sharp introductions to themes and topics relating to the science and technology of colour.

single yellow banana

The colour yellow is associated with wisdom and knowledge (and bananas)


• William Henry Perkin. The inspirational life story of the Victorian teenage inventor whom created the world’s first synthetic dye.  This innovative dye impacted widely on everyday life from penny stamps to the fashion of Queen Victoria’s court.

• Colour in Mind. Useful guide detailing how humans have related to and are affected by colour throughout history. Full of fascinating facts from around the globe and across time.

• Communicating Colour. Investigate the theory and science behind colour for example subtractive colour mixing. Includes an historical overview of the science and scientists of colour.

• Visual Perception. Introduces the roles of the eye and brain in the perception of objects, including pattern recognition, chromatic adaption and after image. Includes interactive experiments to explore.

Hard copies are available on request please contact the Colour Experience team or telephone  +44 (0) 1274 725138 (Option 3)

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