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Fashion sustainability links

Patagonia – very detailed analysis of environmental and ethical impact of their business.

Ethical impact –

Environmental impact –

Traceability in supply chain –

Helen Storey – involved in a number of environmental fashion projects.

Catalytic clothing –

Wonderland project –

RITE Group – reducing the impact of textiles on the environment

EcoMetrics – household textile environmental impact calculator.  Answer a series of questions to assess the environmental impact of the choices you make when you buy, care for and dispose of your household textiles.

Well dressed report – looking at the present and future sustainability of clothing and textiles in the United Kingdom.!file/Well+dressed.pdf/

Trigema – clothing company with ethical and environmental credentials

Camira Fabrics – Large scale manufacturer of contract fabrics and furnishings.  Currently hold the Queen’s Award for sustainable development.

Christopher Raeburn – specialist in deconstructed fabric and clothing re-use.

Anya Hindmarch – I am not a plastic bag environmental credentials.

Biological Stain Commission

  • To ensure the quality of dyes through independent testing according to appropriately rigorous chemical and performance criteria.
  • To promote cooperation and dialogue among manufacturers, vendors and users of dyes for histochemical applications.
  • To educate users of biological stains about sources of reliable dyes and how they might best be used.
  • To publish information concerning new or improved uses for biological staining with dyes and related histochemical techniques.

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