Continuing professional development is the systematic process of lifelong learning to maintain and broaden knowledge, skills, and develop the personal qualities required in working life. It is important to all members, employers, and to the coloration industry as it demonstrates the commitment of members to the development of their career and in maintaining high levels of professionalism.

Whilst CPD is a formal requirement for members to maintain their CCol status, it is not mandatory for other members. However it is strongly recommended that you undertake a minimum of 30 hours per year of CPD, covering at least three categories. This is a guideline, and it is recognised that not all members will have the opportunity to record CPD activities over a range of categories.

You will need to keep supporting documents to verify your CPD record. If you attend a meeting or event organised either by the SDC or another organisation, ask for a Certificate of Attendance; this will form the basis for your record. The certificate may be signed at the meeting by the chairman or the General Secretary. At present the requirement to complete a record card is not mandatory to maintain SDC membership. However, it does provide a valuable record in support of an application for an SDC diploma or award.

Typical CPD activities include on-the job training, attending courses or distance learning, attending conferences and relevant meetings, writing articles and papers, SDC committee meetings, mentoring and tutoring etc. The SDC has an important role to play in the successful implementation of the scheme and endeavours to ensure that events that can contribute to CPD are readily available. Such events include conferences, seminars, training courses, the opportunity for networking and an extensive education resource.

In the ‘Documents’ section on the right the document ‘CPD: Members Guide’ can be downloaded. This gives details of the various categories of CPD. A document of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and a ‘Reflective Evalutation’ is also available.

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