Educating the changing world in the science of colour

Further & Higher Education

The Colour Experience is uniquely placed to help your FE & HE students in their studies. Our enthusiastic specialised education team can provide insightful presentations and workshops on a wide range of topics and themes relating to the science and technology of colour.

Presentations include:

Can you believe your eyes? – using visual illusions we explore the difference between vision and perception. Looking at a range of optical effects, this presentation is a must see for anyone using colour in designs.

Seeing Colour – an introduction to the physics, biology and evolution of colour vision, an explanation of colour blindness and an interactive colour vision test for participants.

Understanding Colour – a close look at the role colour plays in our lives. Colour theory, colour language and colour communication are all covered in this fascinating presentation.

Colour and sustainability – we all love to surround ourselves with colour, but just what impact do our fashion choices have on our environment. This thought-provoking presentation may not have all the answers, but it’ll certainly start your students asking the questions. Please contact us to discuss your students’ requirements.

For learning resources Triple Dye Kit and Metameric Samples

For distance learning why not have a look at and specifically the CSI workshops

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