As the world’s leading educational charity dedicated to colour, we take the role of developing skills and knowledge very seriously.  We have over 125 years experience of education in the coloration industry and can help you get the best out of your employees.

Available Courses

We are here for you

SDC is here to support you throughout that journey, enabling you to build skills and capability so you can deliver excellent results for your organisation.

SDC’s short, introductory courses are relevant to anyone who works with colour.  Our courses are built firmly on the practical skills and knowledge that employers need.

Whatever your role in the textile supply chain colour plays a part in what you sell, and there are things we all need to understand.

  • How and why do we use the fibres we use and exactly how does the colour get on there?
  • How do my decisions at the design stage affect the processing and maybe even the environmental impact my design might have?
  • How does the colour stay there and how do I specify and test to ensure it stays there?
  • What affects how long the textile will continue to look good?

Once you know what colour you want, how it will be applied and how well it will perform, you may have some further questions:

  • How do I communicate all this and the colour I need to the suppliers I use?
  • How can I check what they produce and run a colour management system effectively?

How do I know that what the dyer is telling me is correct?

Whether you are a designer, manufacturer, retailer or brand these are all common questions.

The courses we provide will give you the information that you need to be comfortable in your conversations with specifiers and dyers.

  • Find out what fibres can be dyed together and at what cost.
  • Find out what fastness results are possible with which fibres and dyes and what cannot be achieved.
  • Find out how these tests are done, how the results are assessed so you can challenge and get more out of the system.
  • Learn what is truly possible and controllable in colour management and why the use of best practice will help your business grow.

Public programmes

We offer courses in an open forum for many companies to attend.  These are ideal for building skills and capability and learning from others from a wide variety of areas of textiles.

Tailored training for teams

We also offer training for companies where the content can be specific to your needs.  You may have specific requirements and procedures that need to be kept in house and the SDC can accommodate these with a tailor made course.

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