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Public Catalogue Foundation

The PCF was launched in 2003. It is a registered charity and is based in London. It has a network of researchers and photographers working across the country from the Channel Islands to Northern Ireland and is in partnership with the BBC. Click here to view the SDC PCF page on the BBC website.

Fashion and Textiles

Finding skilled fashion and textiles employees in the UK has become increasingly difficult, with employers highlighting a lack of technical skills amongst candidates as the greatest issue.

The Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles is a new way to fill this training gap, by allowing employers to take on enthusiastic apprentices who will work as regular employees, develop precisely the skills required by the industry, and earn recognised qualifications.

Skillset is celebrating the success of the Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles, which is an exciting example of how vocational training can provide more open access to these highly competitive industries. It is also a fantastic way for employers to tap into new talent to help their businesses grow, while playing an active role in shaping the workforce of the future.

The Apprenticeship has five specialist pathways in Apparel, Footwear, Leather goods, Saddlery and Textiles which covers textile dyeing and colouring. Keep an eye on the Skillset Apprenticeships in Fashion and Textiles webpages for updated information on the new pathways in Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Textile Care Services and Leather Production, when they become available in April 2011.

For more information on the Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles for employers, training providers and those looking to become an apprentice visit the Skillset Website.

CREATE Colour: Introduction

The objective for CREATE is to develop with artists, designers, technologists and scientists a cross disciplinary approach to colour.

The group CREATE – Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment – initially came together to promote and exchange research and knowledge through a series of conferences and training courses. The courses and conferences ran between September 2007 and December 2010, and were funded through European Union, Framework 6 Marie Curie Conferences & Training Courses (SCF). For archives of all of these events, visit the CREATE Archives.

Our intention for 2011 onwards is to maintain the links developed during this period – to act as a hub for information relating to colour research activity in Europe, and to assist with communication between researchers working in the field of colour.

CREATE is based at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), UWE Bristol, UK

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