13th International Conference 2018 and Collezione 2018 – the Fashion Show

Date: 06 June 2018 9:00am - 10:00pm

Location: Hotel Sahara Star

Contact: marketing@sdc.org.in

As business goes global the collaboration amongst stake holders of the textile supply chain is becoming eminent. Riding the trend, The SDC EC (India) and Rachana Sansad School of Fashion & Textile Design join hands to organise the 13th International conference and Collezione 2018 – the fashion show.

The theme of the conference is ‘Innovations in Textile Technology and Fashion towards a Circular Economy’

The textile industry is struggling to reduce its foot print and one of the promising pathways to this is to embrace the concept of the ‘Circular Economy’. The technology and fashion segments of the textile supply chain can benefit immensely if they work in tandem with each other. The Circular Economy targets optimum reuse of the discarded products after their life cycle and the reuse of the waste generated during manufacturing of products. Easier said than done and hence intellectuals around the world are tooling to find ways and means to help the textile and apparel industry to find a realistic and profitable solution. At the international conference and the fashion show we jointly attempt to put forward the innovation, ideas and projects that would help everyone involved in the textile supply chain to take a step forward in creating a greener and happier ecosystem for all its living beings.

The SDC EC is pleased to announce the 13th International Conference 2018 followed by ‘Collezione 2018 – the fashion show’ in association with Rachana Sansad SFTD, themed ‘Innovations in Textile Technology and Fashion towards Circular Economy’. To be held at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on Wednesday, 6th June, 2018.

We will keep updating on the topics, speakers and fashion show detailed programme.

Mark your diary and register to avail the benefit of ‘EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT’. Spread the word in your circle and encourage your friends/colleagues in the industry to register themselves and their organisations too.

How to Book?

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