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Blackburn et al – The development of indigo reduction methods

The continuing importance of blue denim maintains indigo as an important vat dye industrially. In this review, we examine the various methods that have been used in the past and are currently used to reduce and dissolve indigo for dyeing. We discuss recent insights into the bacterial fermentation technology, the advantages and disadvantages of the […]

SDC 01/01/2009 Review of Progress in Coloration

Is There a Future for Natural Dyes?

Review article discussing the current situation, starting from the point at which natural dyes are produced, going on to examine their use in textile dyeing. Finally an attempt will be made to evaluate what potential natural dyes may have for the textile industry of the future. For example, is it possible to satisfy a discerning […]

D J Hill 01/01/1997 Review of Progress in Coloration

Biotechnology and Coloration

Review article discussing the expanding interface between the biotechnology and coloration sectors with a series of examples in which biotechnology affects the coloration sector and vice versa. Topics include (i) natural dyes and biotechnology (ii) biotechnology and effluent treatment

B J McCarthy 01/01/1997 Review of Progress in Coloration

Stabilisation of Textile Fibres Against Ageing

Review article discussing the developments of stabilisation of textile fibres against ageing. Topics include (i) products for stabilisation (ii) the action of stabilisation (iii) examples of stabilised fibres and dyeings

G Reinert And F Fuso 01/01/1997 Review of Progress in Coloration

Aspects of the Photochemistry of Wool Yolk (Wool Wax and Suint)

Review article discusses aspects of the photochemistry of wool yolk. A brief outline of the histology of the sheep’s skin is given before embarking upon a description of the yolk constituents i.e. wool wax and suint

S Collins And R S Davidson 01/01/1997 Review of Progress in Coloration

Fabric Washing in Western Europe

Review article discusses fabric washing in Western Europe in particular reference to the challenges that the textile and the washing machine have posed to the detergent formulation

G Bevan 01/01/1997 Review of Progress in Coloration

The Chemical Modifications of Cellulosic Fibres to Enhance Dyeability

Review article discussing older and up-to-date methods for improving the dyeability of cellulose by chemical modification. Topics include (i) problems associated with cellulosics dyeing (ii) chemical modification to improve dyeability with anionic dyes (a) aminoalkylcelluloses (b) modification of cellulose with amino polymers (c) nucleophilic dyes on a modified ‘activated’ cellulose (iii) chemical modification to enhance […]

D M Lewis And K A McLlroy 01/01/1997 Review of Progress in Coloration

Bleaching of Cotton Weft Knitted Fabircs

Review article discussing the developments in bleaching techniques over the past 30 years, in an attempt to explain and rationalise the changes and give up-to-date practical guidance to bleachers. Topics include (i) cotton and knitted fabrics (ii) basic principles of bleaching cotton knitgoods (iii) single bleaching agents (iv) combination bleaches (v) post-bleaching of dyed fabrics […]

W S Hickman 01/01/1996 Review of Progress in Coloration

Infrared Camouflage

Review article discusses the use of near infrared radiation in the range 700 – 1200 nm in camouflage applications. Topics include (i) spectral requirements of near infrared camouflage (ii) colorants for camouflage (iii) dyeing (iv) pigment printing

S M Burkinshaw, G Hallas And A D Towns 01/01/1996 Review of Progress in Coloration

Colour Order Systems

Review article discusses colour order systems. Topics include (i) colour order systems: a definition (ii) instrumental colour specification (iii) visual attributes of colour (iv) the merits and demerits of colour order systems (v) colour specifiers or atlases (vi) types of colour order system (a) colorant mixture systems (b) colour mixture systems (c) colour appearance systems […]

A K R Choudhury 01/01/1996 Review of Progress in Coloration
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