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IMP ICI publication

Over twenty years of steady and continuous research on colour physics and colour measurement lie behind this epochmaking deseloprnent. The fallible human eye and the irksome trial-and-error laboratory matching technique are replaced by a speedy and much more accurate automatic system based on colorimeter measurement and computer matching backed by the comprehensive know-how of I.C.I […]

F. North, P.G. Noble, C. Preston, R.M. Dickson, J.V. Alderson, E. Atherton, E. Cowgill, T.L. Dawson 08/09/1963 Colour Measurement, Colour Physics

The quality of light sources

This paper describes physical measures for quantifying the quality of light sources and their characteristics. Typical light sources, including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and light emitting diodes, are first introduced and their performance is compared. The CIE colour specification system is then described, including physical quantities for specifying light sources such as colour¬† temperature, spectral […]

M Ronnier Luo 06/03/2011 Coloration Technology, Colour Physics, Colour Theory

Hinks and Shamey – Review of retail store lighting

Lighting variables directly impact all areas of colour science. Lighting is of critical concern to the effective and consistent control of the perceived colour of all products. It is therefore important that all stakeholders involved in managing a commercial supply chain, including product design, colour standards development, manufacture and point of sale, work to understand […]

Hinks and Shamey 01/08/2011 Coloration Technology, Colour Physics, Colour Theory
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