ThumbnailOnline membership for full-time students on any course involving colour, from fashion/design to textile coloration.

In addition to our monthly e-newsletter keeping you up to date with the latest news and events and online access to SDC’s quarterly magazine – ‘The Colourist’ with news, features, profiles, and each issue focusing on a special theme, you will have full access to the on-line members forum and knowledge vault and be eligible to discounts on a wide range of publications and entrance fees.

Membership fees

Student membership costs just £12 for one year.  Three year membership is ideal for students in their final year at university and costs just £36.00 so don’t delay join today.

In key countries, local membership schemes exist or will be set up. In addition to the core package of benefits delivered centrally by SDC, additional services and events will be delivered locally; countries include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Hong Kong.

Next steps

You can either join today or if you would prefer you can download an application form and email or post it back to us with your remittance.

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