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Theory of Coloration of Textiles, 2nd Edition

Theory of Coloration of Textiles, 2nd Edition

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The Theory of Coloration of Textiles, 2nd Edition
Edited by Alan Johnson
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

This book covers the theoretical aspects of the science of textile coloration, extensively revised and enlarged from the original edition. All the chapters have been updated and a new chapter on the thermodynamics of dyeing has been included. Primarily conceived as a book for students preparing for the Society of Dyers and Colourists' Associateship examinations, it is a mine of information for those seeking a thorough treatment of this important area of science and technology.
Chapter 1 Physical chemistry essential to dyeing theory, by Brian C Burdett
Chapter 2 Dye-fibre bonds and their investigation, by Charles H Giles
Chapter 3 The influence of fibre structure on dyeing, by Wilfred C Ingamells
Chapter 4 Thermodynamics of dye sorption, by Harry H Sumner
Chapter 5 Diffusion and rates of dyeing, by Francis Jones
Chapter 6 Reactive dye-fibre systems, by Paul Rys and Heinrich Zollinger
Chapter 7 Chemistry of formation of coloured molecules in the fibre, by Alan Johnson

564 pages, 1989, ISBN 0 901956 48 1
SDC Ref: 28

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