Water Recycling in Textile Wet Processing

Water Recycling in Textile Wet Processing

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Water Recycling in Textile Wet Processing
Edited by J Kenneth Skelly
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

Water recycling presents a global challenge to the textile wet processing industry, which, like many industries using large volumes of water, produces an effluent requiring specialist treatment before discharge. Recycling of aqueous dyehouse effluent is of growing interest as the cost of water and effluent treatment rises and water becomes an increasingly scarce resource.
In this innovative book, contributions to the subject have been provided by a range of experienced international authors. Many case studies are included describing examples of different water recycling systems on specific sites, illustrating practical application of the techniques being discussed.

Each chapter is an individual approach by an authority from a particular country. Diversity of discussion has been encouraged, yet despite this range of views, the reader will be impressed by how frequently common conclusions are drawn to different aspects of the subject.

Chapter 1 General considerations in reuse of water: reuse from coloration processes, by John R Easton
Chapter 2 Reuse of synthetic sizes and water from sizing processes, by Heinz Leitner
Chapter 3 Reuse of water from scouring and bleaching processes, by John J Porter
Chapter 4 Options available for recycling effluent and operational considerations, by Peter Cooper
Chapter 5 Membrane systems, by Richard Greaves
Chapter 6 Adsorption systems, by Grahame Birch and Keith Cockett
Chapter 7 Chemical oxidation and electrochemical systems, by Warren S Perkins
Chapter 8 Biological oxidation and reduction systems, by R Elaine Groom (née Dick)
Chapter 9 Coagulation and flocculation systems, by Malcolm Lockerbie
Chapter 10 International developments in recycling - continental Europe, by Harald Schönberger
Chapter 11 Italian experience in municipal treatment of wastewater containing dyehouse effluent and possibilities for recycling, by Manuela Antonelli and Alberto Rozzi
Chapter 12 UK experience in municipal treatment of industrial wastewater containing dyehouse effluent, by J Kenneth Skelly
Chapter 13 UK experience of on-site biological treatment of dyehouse effluent and potential recycling, by J Kenneth Skelly
Chapter 14 Water quality requirements for treated effluent produced by recycling, by Malcolm Lockerbie and J Kenneth Skelly
Chapter 15 Economic factors in recycling - UK experience, by Malcolm Lockerbie and J Kenneth Skelly

Case bound, 256 pages, 2003, ISBN 0 901956 80 5
SDC Ref: 10010

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