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CD-ROM: Colour for Textiles – A User’s Handbook

CD-ROM: Colour for Textiles – A User’s Handbook

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Colour for Textiles - A User's Handbook (CD-ROM)
by Wilfred Ingamells
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

This book is designed to bridge the gap between publications that deal with textile coloration on the craft level, and others that are concerned with the more scientifically advanced concepts involved. It is assumed that the reader may have a limited scientific background, so the author presents information on all the important aspects of textile coloration in a clear and logical fashion under the following chapter headings.
Chapter 1 Introduction and the role of testing
Chapter 2 The colourist and colour quality
Chapter 3 Chemical principles of coloration
Chapter 4 The attributes of fibres
Chapter 5 Selection, classification and application of dyes
Chapter 6 Industrial coloration methods
Chapter 7 The modern approach to coloration
Chapter 8 Practical notes

192 pages, 1993, ISBN 0 901956 56 2
SDC Ref: 37

Note: This is now available as an e-book only

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