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E-book: Getting Results from Your Coloration Laboratory

E-book: Getting Results from Your Coloration Laboratory

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Getting Results from Your Coloration Laboratory (CD-ROM + Print)
by James Park and John Shore
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

A well equipped and properly staffed laboratory is a vital factor for the success of any modern coloration operation. Increasing commercial pressures together with the need for efficient and short processes, often in conjunction with automation, has increased the importance of the works laboratory in recent years. Concepts such as 'right-first- time' and 'just-in-time' processing, with the need for quick response to changes in fashion trends, have added to these pressures. Indeed, the laboratory must be the nerve centre of the coloration operation if these objectives are to be achieved.

The authors have spent a lifetime in the textile coloration industry, and have won plaudits for their significant contributions to the technical literature over many years. They offer key insights into this important area. As they point out: 'The virtual disappearance of technical services from suppliers has meant that the wet processing operation must be almost totally self-supporting technically.'

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Organisation
Chapter 3 Water, effluent and boiler water testing
Chapter 4 Colour assessment and measurement
Chapter 5 Evaluation and testing of dyes
Chapter 6 Testing of chemicals and auxiliaries
Chapter 7 Fibre identification, chemical and dyeing tests on substrates
Chapter 8 Fastness testing
Chapter 9 Chemical and physical test Methods and testing to specification
Chapter 10 Laboratory and pilot-scale equipment for exhaust dyeing processes
Chapter 11 Laboratory and pilot-scale equipment for continuous dyeing processes
Chapter 12 Laboratory dyeing techniques and procedures
Chapter 13 Process and quality control
Chapter 14 Complaint and fault investigation
Chapter 15 Conclusion

145 pages, 2006, ISBN 0 901956 90 2

Please note: 'Getting Results from Your Coloration Laboratory' is normally supplied in Portable Document Format (PDF) on CD-ROM with full electronic indexing and system of bookmarks to allow the user to navigate throughout the publication.

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