SDC e-Learning. Module 4: Organisation and Management

SDC e-Learning. Module 4: Organisation and Management

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Open Learning Module 4: Industrial Organisation and Management

Produced by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

A CD-ROM based module produced by the Society of Dyers and Colourists, consisting of 29 lessons, designed for professionals working in the field of colour, to take their skills and knowledge to new levels of excellence. The material includes self-assessment tests and revision activities intended to reinforce and explore the main themes of the subject. The module will be of particular value to students without recourse to formal lectures and for those wanting a revision aid in the subject or who simply prefer the flexibility that self-study offers.

Written by practical experts in an easy-to-follow style, the module is divided into 29 lessons covering company organisation; marketing; finance; human resource implications; and production and operational considerations.

The programme consists of a number of activities designed to test students' understanding of the subject as they progress through the course. In many cases suggested answers or comments are provided at the end of the lesson being studied. There are also revision examples at the end of each section, which are designed to test students' knowledge of the subject-matter and provide active feedback. Fictitious or real-life case studies related to the coloration management principles in day-to- day workplace situations. Students are therefore encouraged to relate these to their own environment where possible. Whilst many of the case studies have a textile bias, the management principles described in each lesson can be applied to any business.


The Society of Dyers and Colourists strongly recommends that you have access to The Gower Handbook of Management, (4th Edition), Edited by Dennis Lock, and published by Gower Publishing in 1998 (ISBN 0 566 07938 0), in order to follow this module successfully.

In addition a free copy of the corresponding Study Guide, Fifth Edition 2003 in pdf format is also available, click here to download. This Guide covers the requirements of all candidates irrespective of the sector of the colour industry in which they are employed, incorporates advances in technology and science that the examiners have chosen to bring forward, and explains the changes in the method of assessing the abilities of candidates.

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