Company Sponsored SDC Membership Scheme

Company Sponsored SDC Membership Scheme

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As an organisation committed to educating and developing tomorrow’s industry experts, the SDC has introduced a membership scheme that offers companies the opportunity to sponsor and get to know recent graduates as their develop their professional experience.

This innovative approach to helping recent graduates is an exciting opportunity for companies to have direct access to fresh ideas and emerging talent.

We believe that companies have the same values as SDC and would like to be involved in helping those at the start of their career through the transitional period of student to employee in the coloration industry.  Just £250 will sponsor ten graduates for their first year of SDC membership giving them access to a range of benefits.

How it works

We will invite recent graduates from the vast number of contacts made through our members, training, events, entries in our competitions etc. to join the scheme, highlighting the benefits of a company sponsored membership scheme.  Interested graduates will have to commit to a three year membership of which the first year will be paid for by the company sponsorship and subsequent years by themselves.

How you will benefit

Through sponsorship of the graduate’s first year of a three year SDC membership, as a sponsor company you will be given a profile on our website, quarterly magazine, The Colourist, and in our monthly e-newsletter.  Plus details of the graduates will be available online for you to access their portfolios, view their resumés and target appropriately skilled potential employees.

How the graduate will benefit

Membership of SDC is a huge benefit to all ages but for students and recent graduates it provides the opportunity for them to develop their career, belong to a prestigious chartered organisation which gives them a profile and to take advantage of networking opportunities through the SDC’s programme of seminars, conferences and events.

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