Coloration Technology Virtual Issue

Promoting Understanding and Creativity in the Science and Technology of Coloured Materials

Editor-in-Chief ANDREW TOWNS

The worlds leading peer-reviewed journal dealing with the application of colour, and the only journal that covers all aspects of coloration technology (including: Chemistry, Physics,Technology, Engineering and Management).

Coloration Technology promotes innovation and fundamental understanding in the science and technology of coloured materials by providing a medium for communication of peer-reviewed research papers of the highest quality. It is internationally recognised as a vehicle for the publication of theoretical and technological papers on the subjects allied to all aspects of coloration.

Its scope includes:

  • Colorants
  • Chemicals
  • Application practice
  • Application theory
  • Analysis and testing
  • Theory and practice of ancillary processes
  • Physico-chemical aspects of colour

NEW VIRTUAL ISSUE: Launched in conjunction with the AIC congress 2013. this Virtual Issue presents a collection of recently published Feature Articles, selected by the Editor-in-C hief as being of particular importance and interest, and reflecting the breadth of the journal’s coverage. We hope that this Virtual Issue contains something of interest to everyone working within the field of coloration.

Articles are freely available for a limited time.

Free articles in the new Virtual Issue include

  • Afterclearing of disperse dyed polyester with gaseous ozone
    Huseyin Aksel Eren, Dilek Ozturk, Semiha Eren
  • Determination of dyers’ perceived components of colour difference (depth, brightness and hue) between two similar colours from their spectral reflectance values
    Roger H Wardman, Salma Farooq. Ken J Smith
  • UV-assisted screen-printing of fiat textiles
    Marek Kozicki. Elzbieta Sasiadek
  • Illuminant metamerism potentiality of metameric pairs
    Shahram Peyvandi, Seyed H Amirshahi. Boris Sluban


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