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SDC Certificates of Competence and Appreciation in ISO Colour Fastness Testing


The Society developed the standard test methods that now make up the ISO 105 series of tests that are so important for assessing the quality of the product. We continue to be involved by providing a secretariat both for BSI TCI/81 Colour Fastness and Colour Measurement and ISO TC38 SC1 Colour Fastness and Colour Measurement.

By working with retailers, brands and manufacturers around the world we ensure that the standard test methods are relevant for the world today. To ensure that you obtain consistent results from your lab you need to ensure you buy your consumables from our subsidiary SDCE (details below), your laboratory is of a high standard and hopefully accredited either to a national standard or at least to a retailers standard. And what about the people that carry out the tests and assess the samples? Have they been trained?

Effective and efficient testing and assessment is the key to success and efficiency in the textile industry to deliver the right colour, to the right place, at the right time and of the right quality.

Developed by the world’s leading provider of colour qualifications, the Society currently offers two courses on Colour Fastness to ISO standard test methods in the ISO 105 series.

1. Competence of colour fastness

2. Appreciation of Colour Fastness

Both are intended to provide knowledge, enhance career prospects for the candidate while for the employer providing the peace of mind that all tests are being carried out by a trained person.

Who are the courses for?

Competence course

Designed for anyone who is directly involved in carrying out the tests and their assessment to ensure that their products meet client specifications whether in a dyehouse, a laboratory or at a retailer/brand. This course is designed to both teach the methods and assess the competence of the candidate to carry out the tests and assess the results.

Appreciation course

Designed for anyone who is indirectly involved in carrying out colour fastness tests and their assessment to meet client specifications or who sets specifications for their suppliers whether this be a retailer/brand, a specifier or a dyehouse. This course provides a visual of how the tests are carried out and assessed. By accessing this course the participant will have a greater knowledge of the tests involved and the criteria for carrying them out and assessing.

Both courses are devoted to best practice and are designed to provide knowledge and expertise in a number of key areas. They are designed to help people work and think more effectively and they focus on the topics that are of direct concern when working with ISO colour fastness test methods.

Why should I consider this training course?

The benefits are many and include:

  • higher sales to the consumer
  • maximising profit
  • quality and consistency of colour
  • protection of brand reputation
  • minimising costs of re-work
  • reduced impact on the environment.

Aims and objectives: this module aims to develop:

  • Practical knowledge of colour fastness techniques and assessment
  • Practical knowledge of sample preparation and mounting
  • An understanding of the process of writing a standard
  • An appreciation of why standard test methods must be carried out as specified
  • The ability to perform test methods accurately

Course Content

  • An introduction to BSI, EN and ISO standards for colour fastness testing and fabric stability
  • Principles of testing, sampling and sample preparation
  • Practical training and demonstration of tests for:
    • Light Fastness
    • Washing, water and perspiration fastness
    • Rubbing Fastness
    • Dimensional stability of fabrics
  • Methods of mounting samples
  • Instruction and experience of assessing results; comparison of instrumental and visual techniques of assessment.

This module is for a maximum of 12 candidates.

Why study with SDC?

The SDC is the leading independent charity dedicated to advancing the science and technology of colour worldwide. We do this by maintaining professional standards and improving the skills of coloration professionals, enabling them to delivery exceptional results for their organisations. This is delivered through membership, qualifications, training, publications and access to knowledge and expertise.

The SDC offers a range of industry-proven, internationally recognised qualifications and training courses. Taught by experts, and driven by what’s happening in industry. Each year SDC help thousands of people at every stage of learning and career development, with training, qualifications and resources.

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