Heritage DVD

In response to many requests for historical information about colorants and their classification, the SDC has published the Colour Index Heritage Edition, a DVD that brings together all the material published in the Colour Index between 1924 and 1999, prior to the publication of the Fourth Edition Online.

With over 17,500 pages of information presented as scanned page images, the Heritage Edition is navigated by a series of hyperlinked ‘bookmarks’. A basic search facility has also been incorporated by scanning the pages with an optical character recognition package.

Invaluable archive material for any library or literature collection run by organisations with an interest in colour, it can be purchased from our shop.

The Colour Index Demo is available (right hand side of this page) showing the presentation of the pages and how they are referenced by ‘bookmarks’. It contains 50 pages on the application properties of pigments and 50 pages on the chemical properties of monoazo colorants, both from the Third Edition.

We believe it represents an affordable way of capturing an immense amount of historically valuable information that can often have application in the present day.

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