SDC are governed by a The Society’s Board and three Governance Documents:

In 1962 SDC became a registered educational charity, and in 1963 was granted a Royal Charter and became the only organisation in the world that can award the Chartered Colourist Status in recognition of individual professionalism. The Royal Charter in its original form includes a Schedule detailing the By-Laws the Society operates under. These By-Laws have been revised over the years and the current By-Laws in force, should be the ones referred to and not the original Royal Charter Schedule. Amendments to the Royal Charter and By-Laws must be undertaken via and agreed by the Privy Council. The Rules however are set by the Board of Trustees and agreed at the AGM.

SDC operate globally, and run an international programme of events and activities. An Annual Report & Financial Statement is produced by the Board of Trustees to ensure funds of the SDC have been prudently managed and effectively applied during the year, solely in furtherance of the agreed objectives with financial performance continually under review against agreed objectives.

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